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Hi, I'm Felicity and I am a multifaceted health professional, drummer and artist out of Los Angeles, CA. I am a certified nutritionist and certified yoga instructor through yoga alliance with years of experience in the health and fitness industry as both a trainer and coach. I attended both SUNY Purchase and SUNY Stony Brook with a college background in nutrition and health science. I focus primarily on outdoor fitness and "fluid" exercise such as hiking, dancing, swimming and yoga/pilates. I have a background in sports including semi-professional soccer, dirtbiking, gymnastics and volleyball. I am also a very experienced licensed motorcycle rider and have been riding for most of my adult life.

  • Musically, I am a drummer of over 20 years, music producer and aspiring DJ. I have been playing drums since elementary school and have a professional background playing in high school, college and throughout my life. I have years of experience touring and playing in a variety of rock and metal bands. I also taught myself to produce music, primarily on Ableton, and have produced and published several music albums and EPS. 

  • Within entertainment, I am an actress and model, activist, writer, photographer, dancer, event host & promoter. I have worked for many nutritional companies, magazines and websites as a consultant, sales rep, and freelance artist. Currently I am finishing an EP with my metal band, Constraints of Light and writing my novel.


  • Music Gigs (Drumming/DJ) & Recording

  • Promotional Events like expos, conventions, parties

  • Modeling and Acting / Custom Videos

  • Nutrition/Health Counseling (Please see my nutrition/yoga page for more information) 




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