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Finding personal strength through strife

My journey thus far has been one of both enlightening yet extremely challenging experiences. There has been a necessary realization that I must balance my optimism with realism, without allowing negativity to make me cynical. And sometimes, that is a struggle, considering working in the different industries I have, such as the adult industry, music, and even health and fitness, has given many opportunities for low-frequency people to try to bring me down. And I must constantly rise above this....which is draining, but reminds me of how miserable some individuals truly are, if they feel the need to bring others down to their level. People with inner peace don't feel the desire to be bullies or trolls. So, anytime you are being knocked down by someone, instead of feeling hurt by it, remind yourself how miserable that person must be with themselves. You will almost start to feel sorry for them.

I vow to release all the frustration and negativity that I often feel inside into a healthy outlet so I do not unleash it on myself and others … the world is full of some horrible people - don’t let the evil of others ruin your inner peace. Karma is real. Stay positive.

I think one of the best traits someone can have is having optimism through negative circumstances. While having a healthy dose of realism is essential, finding positivity within difficult times is such a valuable ability to have to overcome challenges and create personal growth.

Making peace with yourself is understanding that your mistakes are essential tools in helping you become the best person you can be. Learn from the decisions that you wish you didn’t do and use them to propel you forward. Don’t punish yourself by being stuck in the past. Grow.

Condition your body and brain to better adapt to your environment .. become a warrior of life. Implement resilience and bravery. Stop your excuses and start doing what you want to do with your time. Taking ownership for yourself, making positive decisions and having self discipline is the key to success. Practice makes progress, and your discipline determines your aptitude to grow...Most people don’t change because they lack the discipline to implement behavior modification from the new information. Growth and positive change requires discipline, persistence and the willingness to adapt and commit!

This accounts for your physical body and your mental and emotional being. Taking care of yourself is the first step to reaching personal elevation. It’s an amazing feeling to love your body, especially when you work hard taking care of it. It is essential we take care of our physical vessels that transport us through this life. Being alive is so much better when your body is at its optimal level.

It also makes a difference how you spend your time, and who you spend it with. When it comes to WHO you give your energy to, surround yourself with people who genuinely express how much they care for you not just with words, but with ACTIONS. Don’t let people take manipulate or take advantage of your good nature. I cringe when someone says - love is all you need. Think again. LOVE & RESPECT is what you need - and if you don’t have those both in your relationships - good luck. People can claim to love you yet make decisions that are not respectful to you or the relationship. Demand both...always. Insecure people tend to project their own issues on to you, even when they claim to care about you. As hard as it is to not take it personally, try not to let the negativity of others affect you. Just communicate clearly and with compassion & hope they learn from your positivity.

No matter where you are in life, no matter how much money you have, no matter what you look like - practicing humbleness and humility is one the most attractive traits a human can possess. And this ties into the idea of having the right values in life. Many people focus on the wrong values to find happiness. Specifically, money and fame. But this is an illusion. Greed will always be the downfall of mankind. Keep your ego in check. Money is a necessary tool for society - but it is not the meaning of life. And fame...well, most people end up wishing they just had success, and not the fame that comes with it. But that can be an individualistic experience. Some people handle it differently than others.

Lastly, to sum up my thoughts....If you encounter trolls or bullies within cyber reality, do not engage. Block them and continue on with your life. Don’t add to the negativity and their miserable existence. Be above it! Learn to turn negative fuel into positivity!

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