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Thinking about Onlyfans? Consider this

As many as you are aware of - Only Fans has been a prominent platform in the adult industry for content creators. I myself, have been using Only Fans for several years now, and it has been a significant source of income for me, especially as I have transitioned out of mainstream porn. However, as much as I think its been helpful in giving creators the control over their own content - I still think there are many downsides to having an Only Fans that people don't often think about - which I go over in this youtube video. Particularly to individuals that are new to working in the adult industry.

My main points I wanted people to consider

  • - It can cause conflict in personal/sexual relationships because it can distract people from having real intimacy when they constantly feel pressured to "film" what they are doing for content

  • - It is an extremely competitive platform based on physical and sexual factors - which can easily create a lack of confidence, body dysmorphia, eating disorders, and the feeling that you are never good enough.

  • - It is a highly demanding "creation" job where you constantly will feel pressure to create and perform, even when you don't necessarily want to - and this can distract you from experiencing real intimacy in real life. It can also cause depression.

  • - It can take away people's work ethic doing work with more longevity - since sex work does not usually have a very long shelf life.

  • - It can be very physically, sexually, emotionally and mentally taxing because people are essentially using their body in vulnerable ways to create content and earn income

  • When an individual begins to base their self worth entirely off their physical appearance and sexual energy, it can cause deep-rooted insecurity and a feeling of inadequacy that you are not a valuable asset to society. Which essentially, basing your self worth off of your appearance alone can make individuals feel worthless overtime.

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